Monday, September 5, 2011

state fair fun

This past Friday was fair day!

All summer long we look forward to going to the Minnesota State Fair. We wait, and wait, and... then it's here! Of course, this means that the summer is over, but I think it softens the blow a bit.

If you're not from Minnesota, you might not understand the fair. Thousands and thousands of people, fried-crazy-greasy food on a stick, farm animals and more- are we crazy? Why do Minnesotans love the fair so much? Just because. It's something we do every year, something to look forward to, a reason to eat crazy amounts of food and wear paper corn hats. Fun!

Some highlights:

The bus on the way to the fair. Luna is being a smart girl and getting her nap in before all the fun!

The famous food on a stick. I eat corndogs once a year- at the fair. We walk in and head straight towards my favorite stand. Obviously it will be Dakota's favorite one day too.

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