Monday, May 9, 2011


These days I do all kinds of things with my feet.

Ok, backing up: I've always picked up things with my toes- chap stick, hair ties, anything that has fallen on the floor, shampoo bottles in the shower.

I'm convinced that it is a genetic trait, given to only certain members of the family- me, my brother, my niece. Luna seems to be developing this trait too- I've watched her pick up books with her feet. The girl can barely do a lot of things, but she has already figured out her feet-pick-up skills. Amazing.

Anyways, this trait is working out to be on my side these days- bending up and down in a Moby is hard work! So I use my feet to their full advantage- I pick up toys, blankets, clothes, dishes, books.. I'm still working on my ability to pick up a child (just a little heavy).

Judge me as a freak if you must. My monkey toes have finally revealed their purpose.

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