About Me

I am a 33 year old Puerto Rican Jew living in south Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have two gorgeous daughters and one pretty handsome partner. We stuff ourselves into a little one bedroom apartment and manage to stay pretty happy (most of the time)!

I like to read, cook, eat, and travel, among other things. I am a high school ESL and Spanish teacher, but I am currently working part time so I can spend more time with babies. 

I'm really into trying to live as green as practically possible- by this I mean doing what is practical, and responsible, but not going too over the edgeor beating myself up when I can't. I try to buy second hand or organic most of the time, we eat all organic, and try to make things from scratch a lot.

This is Luna Bellatrix, born December 12, 2009. She is the best, happiest, funnest baby in the world. I really do go through withdrawals at work sometimes when I am not with her. She likes to eat, cuddle and laugh. Sleep, not so much.

Luna has microcephaly and a genetic disorder where she is missing part of one of her x chromosomes. The doctors had very dire predictions for her directly after birth, but everyone is way more optimistic now. She is pretty delayed in her cognitive and motor skills, but she sees two different therapists a week and is making good progress. Right now, the thoughts are that she will probably catch up with her motor skills, but we don't know where she will land cognitively.

This is Dakota Alicia Star, the newest addition to our family on February 23, 2011. Currently, at two weeks old, she eats, sleeps, poops, pees, farts and fusses. 

This is Dustin, my other half. He is a fantastic Daddy. I think Luna and him just sit around all day laughing. We love him very much.

That's us! I think we make a pretty fun and loving little family.
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