Saturday, August 13, 2011

we're back!

We're back in Minneapolis after Dakota's week of firsts: First time on an airplane, first time meeting multiple cousins, aunties and uncles, first time in New York and Philadelphia, first time on a train, first time on a bus.

Some highlights from the trip:

The plane rides! The first one was great- no crying, no screaming. If anything, she was squealing because of over-excitement. The second one was not so great.. a couple of screaming jags. Maybe because of her teething? Nothing that a little tylenol couldn't fix...

Dakota finally met her cousin Addy. Here they are chilling in the pool. I believe they liked each other, although their main form of bonding was trying to grab each other's eyes and toys. I love that they are the same age- if only they lived in the same zip code! I also will take this opportunity to highlight the fact that they need some more cousins their same age (hint-hint, all of you relatives who have yet to child bear)...

Dakota also went to the beach for the first time. She was NOT a fan of the ocean. Was it the cold? The salt water? The noise? The sticky sand? The scary seagulls stalking us? Who knows. At least I enjoyed myself. I predict that next time she will too.

Here is one of Dakota's cousins that she met for the first time. I think that if they could have found a good place to hide her away in their house, they would have. I don't think I held my baby the entire time we were in Philadelphia!

A gross highlight (no picture included since I can't provide barf bags to those who might need them): Is your baby constipated? Do you have a long bus ride coming up? If you do, please be aware that said baby will choose to hold in all poop until you are firmly on the bus. Also know that you will forget to bring a plastic bag, gloves, and little scent trees to pass out to those seated around you. In addition, please realize that on a moving bus, with a moving baby, you will get that poop ALL OVER YOU. Laugh now, because you will not be laughing later.

I can laugh about it now.

And we are home. I am happy that our family is all together again, but sad that we won't be seeing our east coast family any time soon. I'm also pleased to know that I have two babies that are master travelers!

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