Friday, August 5, 2011

we're off!

We're almost off on our adventure! Dakota and I are leaving for one week in New York and Philadelphia today. This will be a week of firsts:

- Dakota's first time on a plane (pray for us!!!)
- My first time away from Luna for more than a night
- My first time away from Dustin for more than a night for over three years
- Dustin and Luna's first week alone
- Dakota's first time meeting all her relatives

Nervousness! I think Dakota will be fine. But how will I do with my other baby at home? Dustin is a great father, but babies need their mamas too. And I shudder to think about how the apartment will look while I'm gone.

On to other things... like the fact that I'm not packed yet and I need to be at the airport in a couple of hours. I hate packing!!! Especially for babies- who knows what you'll need? Might as well pack it all! Luckily, since I am breastfeeding Dakota I don't need to deal with bottles, formula, water, and all that other crap. Just diapers. And wipes. And extra clothes. And her toys. And some blankets. And....

Alright, a lotta crap. Better get packing.

See you next week!


  1. Yay can't wait!!! I get to hold the drool factory again!

  2. I know you had a bagel while you were here. LOL Post some pics, I hope you and Dakota had a blast!

  3. I had lox and bagels twice within my first 12 hours here! lol Of course, forgot the camera cord at home- wait till next week for super cute pics!


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