Monday, August 29, 2011

go the f*ck to sleep

Looking for a present for a new parent? 

Then look no further- this is it. 

Go the F*ck to Sleep, by Adam Mansbach, gives words (funny ones!) to the grumblings that every parent has going through their head almost every night.

Hilarious! My sister got me the book when I last visited her and I can't thank her enough. When it is a particularly bad bedtime night, I can't help but think of some lines from the book, which makes me laugh instead of be grumbly.

There is nothing more frustrating than a child that won't go to bed- anything that can inject a little humor into it can be a lifesaver!

Thanks sis! 


  1. Hi, new follower!

    My husband had e-mailed me this and I thought it was so effing funny! This is our first child, but I have four nieces and nephews and know what a handful they can be! :)


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