Monday, August 1, 2011

dakota update

Can you believe she is already five months old? I can't!

Things she is doing now: making the most adorable sounds ever, a mile a minute. Grabbing things with both hands. Grabbing two things at a time. Grabbing my hair and not letting go! Smiling and laughing. Kicking everything with her super-strong legs. Lifting her front end up when laying on her belly. Rolling from side to side, over and over and over again. Chewing and drooling and sucking on everything in sight.

What she loves: Being held. Seeing her mommy (she won't relax until she finds me in the room). Jumping in the Jenny Jumper. Eating (or snacking constantly). Standing (with someone holding her up). Playing with her sister- yes, they are playing together more and more! Kicking and hitting things on her activity mat (million thanks Stephanie!). Chewing on her lifefactory teether. Hugging and attacking her stuffed animals with her mouth. Reading books. Swimming.

Other milestones: She got her ears pierced this past weekend! We decided that Luna and Dakota can only get piercings and tattoos (much, much later on) with their Auntie Heidi. Now she looks like a little boy with gold earrings.

She's also about to take her first plane ride- we're heading to New York this Friday. Keep your fingers crossed that we are not that crying pair on the plane that everyone wants to kill!

Finally, she is definitely pre-teething. I predict that by her six month picture there will be a little tooth poking out of that mouth.

The time goes too quickly!!!

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