Monday, September 5, 2011

state fair fun

This past Friday was fair day!

All summer long we look forward to going to the Minnesota State Fair. We wait, and wait, and... then it's here! Of course, this means that the summer is over, but I think it softens the blow a bit.

If you're not from Minnesota, you might not understand the fair. Thousands and thousands of people, fried-crazy-greasy food on a stick, farm animals and more- are we crazy? Why do Minnesotans love the fair so much? Just because. It's something we do every year, something to look forward to, a reason to eat crazy amounts of food and wear paper corn hats. Fun!

Some highlights:

The bus on the way to the fair. Luna is being a smart girl and getting her nap in before all the fun!

The famous food on a stick. I eat corndogs once a year- at the fair. We walk in and head straight towards my favorite stand. Obviously it will be Dakota's favorite one day too.

Our one "weird food" buy of the year- Pig Lickers (chocolate covered bacon) from Famous Daves. The verdict? Chocolate is good. So is bacon- but this bacon was WAY too salty. Maybe it would taste better with a less salty pig.

Fun in the Butterfly Building. One thing I love about children is that they give you a reason to do things you've always wanted to do- like visit the butterflies! Verdict: fun but a little sad. The whole place was littered with butterfly carcasses who perished by the hands of well-meaning toddlers. Cute pictures, though!

Daddy and Luna have the fair at their fingertips.

Sleeping on the Midway. Do we need to put blaring music, flashing lights and all kinds of crazy sounds into our bedroom at home? The second we hit the Midway they were out. We leave the Midway, and they wake up. Maybe we should join the circus?

All in all, the fair was too much fun and went way too quickly. If it wasn't so expensive we'd be back there today. Instead, we'll just be here, dreaming of next year.


  1. Pronto Pups are where it's at! Screw the corndogs!


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