Sunday, June 19, 2011

happy fathers day!

Daddy- Thank you for everything that you do:

- Being a willing helper on the diaper assembly line.
- Giving bottle after bottle.
- Dedicating your life to playing with babies every day.
- Being a loving mate.
- Working so hard with Luna every day.
- Making meal after meal during this difficult baby time.
- Being there for us, day in and day out.

We love you! - Mommy, Luna and Dakota

Saturday, June 18, 2011

the nap dilema

The nap time dilema. Dakota has fallen asleep. What to do? Do I:

- Play on the computer?
- Clean?
- Do the dishes?
- Take a bath?
- Spend quality one-on-one time with Luna?
- Do laundry?
- Watch TV?
- Read?
- Get out of the house and run some errands?
- Just sit and stare into space?
- Take a nap myself?

Even if I decide what to do, it's always a gamble- will she sleep for 5 minutes? 15 minutes? 2 hours? What if I decide to do something more involved and she wakes up just as I get into it?

The daily dilema.

Friday, June 10, 2011

weekly update

Busy week.

Luna had her EEG on Tuesday. They wanted her to be sleep deprived- meaning we had to keep her awake from midnight until 9:30. Yeah... that didn't happen. We got her up at 5 am, but she we still pretty awake by the time we checked into the sleep center.

Luckily, the whole process of getting the many sensors on her head tired her out a bit- Getting little sensors glued onto the super curly head of a girl that does not want to hold still is not easy. She finally then fell asleep, so they got good readings of her awake, falling asleep, and asleep.

The good news is that the technician didn't see anything that indicated that her tremors are brain-related or seizure-related. She thought that they looked muscular, or a product of something going on in her nervous system.

Next up are two MRI's and a hearing test that she will need to be sedated for. After that we will meet with the neurologist again to go over all the results, and hopefully have some more information and answers about her condition.

Other Luna updates:
-We wrote her new annual IEP plan last week. This year we will be working on getting her to hold a bottle, sippy cup and spoon, being social with other children, moving to sit and crawl unassisted, and putting toys in and out of bowls (she's already going crazy with taking things out of bowls!!).
-She is sitting up by herself for very long periods of time.
-Banging toys all over the place.
-Picking up all different kinds of objects and playing with them.
-In general being a happy, fun little girl!

Dakota news: her colic is finally almost gone. She is becoming a much more happy baby, moving non-stop. We're working on getting her to fall asleep by herself and get into a nap pattern. She still sleeps mostly through the night, which I am loving!

Hoping for another beautiful weekend so we can get these babies out of the house and into the sunshine!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

breastfeeding inspiration

Mother and Child I, Terri Frank

This is Dakota: Why eat when I can smile and talk to you, mama? Sometimes frustrating but always adorable.
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