Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glass tryout

I'm so excited! We got our order of glass bottles in the mail today. Luna's plastic bottles are finally giving out, and we figured we would need more than 4 bottles for 2 babies, so we had to order something new.

Glass was something we always wanted to do in the first place. The plastic bottles came during that horrible first week when 1)Luna went into the NICU and 2)we were forced to start using a breast pump and bottles about 3 months before I thought we would have to, so I hadn't done much research into it. People said "buy these!" and at that point we were so beaten down I had no fight left in me to stick to my desire to avoid plastics.

But now, since we have to buy new ones, why not try the glass? I looked around and we settled on the Evenflo glass bottles. Yeah, they're not as pretty as some of the other ones out there, but they have great reviews and are WAY cheaper. They don't come with the sleeves, however, so we're going to try out this Silikids one and see how we like it.

My big problem now, however, is figuring out how to keep new babies slow flow nipples separate from Luna's fast flow ones, because they totally look the same. Although if everything goes well, I won't need to use these bottles for a couple of months, and Luna will be drinking out of a cup by then! Knock on wood for me.
 Baby Luna and her bottle in the NICU

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