Sunday, February 6, 2011


So this is a blog! I am a little nervous to start one, but it is something that I have been wanting to do for a long time, so here goes...

About me: I am 33 (!) years old Puerto Rican Jew from Minneapolis, Minnesota (south side). I love to travel, read, and cook.

And eat. Mmmmmm...

I am also mother of a beautiful one year old daughter, Luna.

She is the most beautiful, happy, loving daughter that anyone could ever want!  She is, I guess, what people call "special needs": She has severe microcephaly (small head) and a genetic disorder that involves missing part of one of her x chromosomes. As it becomes more obvious to people that she is "different", I find myself having to explain it more,  which has been hard, since she doesn't have an obvious condition like Down's Syndrome that everyone knows and can understand.

We are also expecting another daughter any day now! Currently I am 36 weeks and 1 day. Excited and nervous.

Dustin  is my willing counterpart.  In some ways my male double, which can be great and not so great. Always interesting, and always loud.

We both work part-time in order to avoid day care costs and spend the most time possible with bab(ies). I would hate to be working all the time and miss out on baby kisses! Of course, part-time means partly funded, so we live in a little one bedroom.  We also focus a lot on eating well and living as green and healthy as we can.

That's pretty much the bare bones of us!


  1. I wish you lots of luck on your new hobby that is "The Blog" Try not to spill all of our secrets as i'd like to keep some of them for my blog some day~~!! love you

  2. Does she have turners syndrome?

  3. That term has been thrown around.. From what I understand her deletion has a bunch of possible syndromes associated with it since it spans so much. We have another appointment with the geneticist coming up soon, hopefully they will know a little bit more at this point.


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