Thursday, February 17, 2011

pregnancy woes

I had my first real, bonafide, weird pregnancy craving ever today! Up until now, my cravings have always been somewhat healthy (fish, walnuts, fruit, smoothies) or pedestrian (pizza, chocolate).

But today, eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, all I wanted was to add american cheese to it (which I had just stole from my mom's house, thank god).

And I did. And it was so delicious.

Other than that high point of my day, I am miserable. I can barely move. I waddle more than a walrus. I'm as big as a walrus, and it's really hard to carry all of this baby weight. I have weird aches and pains. I can barely breathe. I start to hurt sitting down. I start to hurt standing up. I can't lay down in a comfortable position, no matter how many pillows I have.

Now, to make it even worse, I think I caught a parting gift of the flu from some of the kindergartners that I work with. They ran by my office yesterday, complained of sore throats, touched everything and breathed on me, then ran off. Gremlins. Now my eyes are burning, I have new, more intense body aches, a headache, a sore throat, and a nice feeling of nausea that comes and goes. Perfect.

And now comes another night of waking up 5 zillion times to roll over, or painfully get up and pee. Hopefully no pregnancy insomnia tonight..

38 weeks on Saturday. New baby, feel free to come any time you want!


  1. Oh Dida I so remember the last two weeks. She'll be here before you know it and I know what I'm about ready to say may make you mad at me, but sometime soon you'll be yearning for these moments again. Life is gonna take a right-turn towards crazy soon...but at least then you'll be able to breathe, sit, stand, lie down, heck jump if you want to, comfortably...all while juggling two beautiful babies.

  2. p.s. the above is from me, Steph. :-)

  3. Steph- I just want my body back! And I don't want to be sick anymore either...

  4. Thats a pretty gross craving but I'm one to talk I used to eat salsa, chips and cheesecake all together when pregnant with Griffin.


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