Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Must Have Baby List pt. II

The Best Stuff for Bath time!
  • Baby tub- Resist the urge to buy a new one. Even if it's the cute whale sticking it's cute little whaley smiley snout in your face. Find a used one and save a plastic tree. We were given one that was kind of ugly, and leaked a little bit (fixed with packing tape). But it did the job for the short time it was needed.

  • Towels- We were given a couple, and found some at a garage sale. But the best one we got was an organic one by the little seed for Target, on sale for like 4 bucks. And now they are gone- if you see one of these being sold by someone, grab it! Soft, cuddly, organic, and big.
  • Baby soap/shampoo- California Baby for everything. Love this brand. Like I said before, you can only get it at Target and Whole Foods. The co-ops told me that they used to have it, but then it disappeared- I think they got bought out by a bigger distributor? They still rate really well on the Cosmetics Database, better than some of the products at the co-ops like JASON.
  • Baby conditioner- Luna has my dad's ears, and also a bit of his afro. She needs a heavy duty detangler for those curls. We love the Peter Rabbit detangling shampoo that we got at Whole Foods. **Did you know Whole Foods has a "try out" deal? Just ask if you can try a product, and they give you the whole bottle free! Better than paying crazy prices for another product that might not work and sit in your bathroom forever.
  • Baby oil- We just use a little jojoba oil- you can buy it bulk at the Wedge
  • Favorite Bath Toy- I love these stacking cups from Green Sprouts! They have different types of holes at the bottom that make different patterns, and they are great for rinsing hair (or scooping poop out of the bath).

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