Thursday, April 7, 2011

life is crazy (beautiful)

Wow.. this week has just flown by in a blur of:

Broken sleep
Breaking points

Babies! That was totally unintentional but very fitting.

I think this is the first week that I really have felt the impact of having two babies on our lives. The days and nights have been going non-stop. Before Dakota, we had gotten into a really nice routine with Luna that gave us plenty of quality time with her as well as quality "self" time. I knew that things would change with the second baby, but it is hard to know what something will be like until it is there.

And now it is. And it is nuts. "Self" time is non-existant. As is sleep.

Part of it is probably the fact that Dakota was going through a growth spurt this week and wanted to eat non-stop. Luckily this has mellowed out over the past day or so... I also got Scrabble on my Kindle which gives me something fun to do while feeding her other than watching bad TV. (You can play 2 player too, and Dustin is consistently kicking my ass. I blame it on pregnancy.) Dakota loves to be held constantly too- I realized today that the Moby is my best friend.

Luna also has a lot of appointments- doctors, therapy, classes.. This week it was every morning. She and I go to her Wednesday class without Daddy and Dakota- it's nice to have some bonding time for just us, since I feel like I spend way less quality time with her since new baby has arrived.

There have been some breaking points too- trying to keep the big picture in mind and not get too stressed out when Dakota wants to feed for the fiftieth time in fifty hours. Remembering that playing with Luna is not something that I need to do because I should, but because I want to and I love it.

At least the weather has kicked in! We have been out in our fabulous stroller every day rolling around the neighborhood. We definitely have the most styling stroller out there, by far! :) Dakota has also started smiling more, which makes it all worth it.

So, in recap, life has gotten really nuts. Trying to focus on the beauty in it.

Luna working on her kneeling skills.
Hello beautiful!
Having fun.

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  1. Well Luna looks like she is having fun in that photo but I'm not so sure about Dakota! Lol...can't wait to see a photo where she looks happy!


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