Sunday, April 24, 2011

luna update

Luna is starting to play and be curious about different toys now, so I went to Savers on Lake Street yesterday to find her some new toys. Good searching pays off- I found some really great stuff for 8 bucks:

Lamaze Pupsqueak
Manhattan Toy Sound Bug Pull String Toy
Manhattan Toy Spiral Wrap a Bug Activity Toy
Pipapo by Haba
8 bucks! I love a good score. Luna has already thrown the Haba clutching toy off the highchair twice, and played nicely with the Lamaze puppy.

Other recent Luna highlights:
- Picking up heavier toys with two hands
- Rolling from her back to her stomach (huge!)
- Lunging and grabbing for toys that she wants, rather than just staring at them
- Picking up toys while rolling on her exercise ball
- Making better transitions from kneeling to sitting to laying on stomach

My little girl works so hard! I'm really loving the peanut exercise ball that one of our therapists brought over for Luna. We bounce and dance on it, roll on it frontwards and backwards, kneel on it, twist on it... it's just great for so many things, like core and leg work. Highly recommend it for little one therapy!

What we are focusing on now:
- Taking things out of bowls or buckets
- Moving from laying down to sitting
- Holding all different types of objects

She never stops surprising me!

Playing hard on Passover

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