Tuesday, April 12, 2011

who knows best?

What do you think about this? Chicago's Little Village Academy requires students to eat the lunches that are provided by them at school. Their reasoning is that students bring junk food to school, and they want them to eat more nutritious meals.

As one parent put it, "They're saying, 'Parents don't know what's best for their children, the government does.' "As a parent, I would feel the same way. Yes, it's true, some parents don't (or can't) always provide healthy meals to their children. But does that mean that the government should just step in and take over? And how does this solve the changing of eating habits at home? I think a more effective strategy would be education for families.

I also would be interested to see what their lunches look like- if they are anything like the ones served in the Minneapolis Public Schools, then their ban is just laugh-worthy.

mmmm... mmmm??? Give me home cooked any time!


  1. EXACTLY!!!! And, if, like you say, they are like Mpls Pub. Schools, does reheated food in plastic = nutritious?? Ummmm, yummy toxins. “Lunch ladies” are a term of yore. The people in the “kitchens” in schools no longer actually cook the food; it is contracted out just like everything else.

    I don’t know what the answer is but I think a blanket policy that no bag lunches are allowed is not the right one. I bet there is a whole other socioeconomic layer that the story didn’t touch on…

  2. They also rarely supply vegetarian meals...which sucks for my kids.

  3. How many different lunches would a district have to provide to mandate every child eat at school? We would need kosher, halal, vegetarian, vegan, allergy specific, etc... And I refuse to let my children eat all the plastic processed crap they deem "nutritious".


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