Sunday, March 13, 2011

daylight savings madness

Daylight savings has now wrecked havoc on our house. It's 11:30, but Luna just had breakfast, nobody has bathed yet (except for me), and I am just drinking my morning coffee. This has been normal for 8:00 am, not 11:30 am!

How did I just lose 3 hours, instead of just one?

In other news, interesting little fact about daylight savings madness in Minnesota:

The Minnesota cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul once didn't have twin perspectives with regard to the clock. These two large cities are adjacent at some points and separated only by the Mississippi River at others, and are considered a single metropolitan area. In 1965, St. Paul decided to begin its Daylight Saving Time period early to conform to most of the nation, while Minneapolis felt it should follow Minnesota's state law, which stipulated a later start date. After intense inter-city negotiations and quarreling, the cities could not agree, and so the one-hour time difference went into effect, bringing a period of great time turmoil to the cities and surrounding areas.

Madness all around! Seriously, I love getting an extra hour of sunlight in the evening, but I am now seeing just how hard it is for babies to have their schedule shifted by an hour. Double madness.

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