Friday, March 4, 2011

our new toy

Finally! We got the stroller! Yes, the Baby Jogger City Mini double stroller, in green. Million and million thank you's to my magnificent siblings, who surprised us with it this week.

We took it to Target for it's first official outing (since it is still too frigid here in Minnesota to actually be outside for more than a minute, and the snow is still blocking the majority of the sidewalk).

This stroller is a dream! The best parts about it:

It fit so nicely in our tiny Toyota Corolla trunk, with room to spare for groceries.

It opens and closes in two seconds.

I had no trouble fitting it anywhere, down any aisle.

The seats recline for newborns, and Dakota was so comfortable she slept the whole time.

You can push this thing with one finger. Seriously!

It turns on a pin.

Great storage.

I know Target has wider aisles than most stores, but we also took it to the Seward afterwards and it was perfect there too.

All in all I am thrilled with it, and feeling very blessed to have such a wonderful, generous family. Can't wait to get this thing outside as soon as we thaw out!


  1. We're lucky to have a sister like you and such wonderful nieces! So glad it's as good as you hoped it'd be!

  2. I'm counting on you to come over for a walk at least once a week this summer!

  3. Looks awesome out. So glad its as good as you thought...and I'm with Zara, we are lucky to have a sister like you and such adorable nieces!


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