Thursday, March 10, 2011

summer dreams

I'm sitting here in the sun (coming through my window) and trying to imagine that outside it is actually warm out. Yes, I know that it is in the thirties outside, and in Minnesota that is considered a blessing, almost shorts weather in March. But I want it to be spring, summer, sunny, warm, with a breeze that smells like growing things rather than frozen tundra.

Sometimes I look at pictures from summer and try to imagine myself there.

To be in the water at Cedar Lake right now!

Laying on a picnic blanket, with the cooler next to you full of yummy ice tea and grapes... (don't you love Luna's curly-riffic hair?!?)

Letting babies lay around in just their diapers, hanging laundry on the line.. Just being outside!!!!

Minnesota, please let summer come soon. We need to get outside. Now.

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