Sunday, March 13, 2011

the evils of plastic

Buying BPA-free bottles and other baby feeding products? They still might be leeching other harmful chemicals.

From this article on

"Are hormonal imbalances running rampant in your family? Blame it on bottles and sippy cups.

New research reveals most plastic products are releasing chemicals that act like the sex hormone estrogen.

And even BPA-free plastic products can leach a chemical that mimics estrogen, a study published in Environmental Health Perspectives shows."

Scary stuff! Plastic is just evil. Happy that we switched to the glass bottles! Finding a good sippy cup alternative might be harder...


  1. Yes, finding a good sippy cup alternative I imagine will not be easy. Getting thwacked in the head by a glass sippy cup would hurt, and it’d shatter when thrown across the room (a favorite toddler pastime). Let me know if your searches come up with anything plausible, I am definitely curious.


  2. I'm thinking some sort of metal? Or cornstarch base? I know we can't avoid all plastic, but it's worth some research.

  3. Green Toys has a line of tableware- no sippy cups yet, but plates and bowls and cups. We use their spoons right now and I really like them.


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