Saturday, March 19, 2011

sick baby update

Well, it was a pretty rough night. Not much sleep going on. Luna's nose was not responding to anything- poor thing could barely breathe. And of course, our trusty penguin humidifier decided to take this opportunity to break- isn't that always the way things go? (Hopefully I can fix it today?) We tried every position possible to help her breathe. The one that finally worked somewhat well was with her burying her face downward into Bunny Girl, who was providing some serious comfort to her yesterday.

So Luna is finally somewhat sleeping, and Dakota decides to wake up around 2:30 am and eat and fuss non-stop until about 8:00 am. No sleep for mommy.. and then at 9:00 am she surprised me with a poop so immense in size and scope that we managed to get it EVERYWHERE before getting to a bath.

Great morning! Looking forward to a possible nap today...

At least Luna seems to be getting better. She has found her voice again and is yelling, screaming and complaining about how bad she feels. She also is eating and drinking a bit more. Hospital avoided- yay!

Luna and Bunny Girl on a happier day.

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