Monday, March 14, 2011


Yes, two babies are harder than one. It is very true. And I just see it getting harder, not easier.

There are a couple of things that are saving me from crossing over to the insane side right now:

1. Vibrating chair- I received a used one purchased at Once Upon a Child at my first baby shower for Luna. It is not the prettiest thing, but it is a life saver! It vibrates, has music and a couple of white noise options, and it bounces lightly when she moves.

Perfect place for daytime naps. Fits in our tiny bathroom and keeps her occupied when I am in the shower.

2. Swaddler- I found a couple of organic Summer Infant swaddlers on sale at Marshalls. We never used a targeted "swaddler" with Luna, but I am loving them with Dakota. Keeps her hands away from her face, and she is less fussy when the swaddle is tight.

Plus, she looks like either a cute little glow worm or a Hare Krishna.

With Luna in March 2010

3. Moby- Dakota likes to be held. Walking around with her in the Moby is comforting to her when other things aren't. Yes, I am lazy to put it on sometimes, but when I do, I wonder why it took me so long to decide to put it on.

4. Our fabulous double stroller- As you know, we were gifted the awesome Baby Jogger City Mini Double stroller by my fantabulous siblings. Using this stroller is effortless. I cannot say enough about how easy it makes my life!

And hopefully, the weather will improve enough this week to actually take it outside. That will do wonders in keeping me on this side of insane.

5. Daddy- Without him, I would be running non-stop. And he deals with my crazy breastfeeding hormones pretty well. We love you!

6. Laptop- Keeping me connected to the outside world. Thanks grandma!!!

Now, like I said, if we could just get out in some sun and semi-decent weather, life will be a little easier.

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