Friday, March 18, 2011

sick baby

There is nothing worse in the world than a sick baby!

Luna is sicker than she has ever been, with a temperature of 102. It is so hard watching this baby who is normally so sparkly and happy lay around looking sad and pitiful. I tried to get a smile from her and the most she could do was twitch her lip. Heartbreaking!

We went to the doctor today, and she only weighed 16 pounds, which is less than she weighed in January. Which means she has lost 2-3 pounds in the past couple of days... Ouch. She hasn't wanted to eat or drink anything, although this evening we were able to get her to eat some pea soup and yogurt.

Sadness.. she wouldn't fall asleep until I laid next to her and held her hand for awhile. God, I love that little girl! Here's hoping that she is improved a bit tomorrow.

sicky sick lunita.

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