Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Some great parent words from awesome blog Mammalingo:

OBCD n. [Fr. Obsessive Breath Checking Disorder] A diagnosis most common among new mothers, symptoms include obsessively staring at a baby’s chest to ensure the rise and fall caused by normal breathing, constant placement of the mother’s hand on baby’s chest to feel this motion, and frequent “breathing checks” when baby is sleeping.

I do this all the time. Luna is almost 16 months old and I still do it! Call me paranoid.

NIPPLETASKING v. [Fr. nipple + multitasking] When your baby is sucking, but ALSO, humming, trying to talk, kicking his leg(s), pounding his arm(s), wiggling his fingers, rolling his eyes, batting his eyelashes and generally twisting all over the place - all at the same time.

During the parent time of our class today, one of the mothers was breastfeeding with a blanket over her. This little black stocking leg kept poking out and waving around like a little tentacle, touching her face, the table, papers... 

HORMOTIONAL adj. [Fr. hormonal and emotional] To be in a heightened emotional state — one in which a cereal commercial can bring you to tears — brought on by a surge in hormones during pregnancy or following delivery. 

Um, yeah.... I should just tattoo this on my forehead!

NURP v. [Fr. nurse and nap] To nurse your baby into a drowsy state. Nursing and napping can go on, and on, and on until it’s unclear whether or not more nursing or napping is actually occurring.

Love this one! A new word for what I do all night.  

In other news, Luna went to her second ECFE class today. What a difference from her first class! The first time, she just kind of stared at everyone and everything with a scared, closed look on her face. 

This time, she gave lots of smiles and laughs. She even smiled at another little girl, which is huge for her! (Although in all honesty, I think she was smiling at the girl's skirt- it was very cool and colorful. But still.) She enjoyed the song time, and grabbed her name card when it was given to her.

I'm hoping that this class will help her interact more with other people, especially other little kids. Maybe she'll make a friend! I'm excited to keep going...


  1. I still have OBCD and my daughter is 4. Plus it gives you a reason to see them sleep so peacefully and innocently. Because during the day it is a different story…………

    YAY for ECFE!! I’ve been meaning to ask you about this since I knew you guys were signed up. So glad she perked up for her second meeting…maybe she was still sick when you went the first time? Hope you TOO are able to connect with other parents out there and then invite me along when you have a play date. Haha.


  2. I think I'll have OBCD until they are teenagers.

    ECFE is having a seminar @ Wilder on April 16 about baby movement , baby signs and baby yoga- maybe you want to come with me? I'll post more details about it. Would be fun!!!


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